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What is Australian fashion?

Delina Darusman-gala poses in front of a graffitied wall in Newtown, Sydney.
Delina Darusman-gala poses in front of a graffitied wall in Newtown, Sydney.

Supplied: Delina Darusman-gala

Australian style is constantly evolving so when you ask fashionistas to define what Australian fashion is, each has a different answer.

Fashion bloggers have become important broadcasters in the digital era, publishing directly to followers and sharing style-related photos on social media. Blogging has become big business with brands now working directly with bloggers, in addition to established fashion media outlets.

Many Australian bloggers have international followings because of their unique takes on fashion that speak to a global audience. As one of the world's most multicultural societies, our standards of beauty and style are constantly evolving.

To answer the question of 'What is Australian fashion?', we asked three bloggers to share a photo from their archives and their thoughts on the concept.

Souri Sengdara

blogger Souri Sengdara poses at a marina
"I'm wearing a dress from an Australian label, Finders Keepers."

Supplied: Souri Sengdara 

Souri's blog Fabulous-Femme is where she shares her stories, photography and passion for life. So how does she describe Australian fashion?

"It's 'relaxed chic': we love comfortable clothing but like to turn heads at the same time," she says. "It's this cool thing where in our day-to-day wear we will choose to lounge around in active gear (tights, tracksuits, t-shirts or shorts) but when we step out, we're not afraid to step out looking very glamorous."

Helen Lee

Helen at at Carriageworks for Australian Fashion Week. 
"This photo was taken at Carriageworks for Australian Fashion Week."

Supplied: Helen Lee

Helen's blog Sassy Bella began in 2002 and is one of the oldest fashion and beauty blogs in Australia. She says Australian style is carefree, and individual.

"We're stylish without following all the trends dictated by international runways and international brands," she says. "We're easygoing in that we'll layer a bikini with a silk dress.
"I'm half influenced by international style and half by Australian style.

"I try to buy more classic pieces with a fashion flair that I can wear for a few years as opposed to filling up my wardrobe with trend pieces or free clothes.

"In my photo I'm wearing culottes by Clover Canyon, Equipment shirt, Ray Ban reflective sunnies and ASOS heels.

Delina Darusman-gala

Delina Darusman-gala poses in front of a graffiti-covered wall in Newtown, Sydney.
"This photo was taken in a lane somewhere in Newtown. I’m wearing a maxi shirt with a t-shirt over by my brand Delina. The sunglasses I bought from Indonesia."

Supplied: Delina Darusman-gala 

Delina's blog Muslim Street Fashion includes personal stories and promotes her own range of clothing. She says Australian style is about "freedom of speech, multiculturalism, a place to grow, learn and love – all done passionately through fashion."

"[In the photo] I'm wearing a cream chiffon square hijab in a turban style. It's not very common to wear it like this, but I know a few bloggers overseas that wear it like this (e.g. in Kuwait). They mainly just twist the hijab and tuck it to the side but because I used a square hijab I was able to make a plait. I'm wearing a 'ninja' which basically is a piece of material you wear under your hijab, that will cover your hair and neck and will also keep the scarf from slipping off your head."