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Portia the Pig, literary figure and devoted cricket fan turns 10

Portia turns 10
Ten-year-old Portia the pig with her benefactor, Hunter Valley teacher and farmer Anne Davies.

ABC: Mike Pritchard

It has become an Australian tradition that summer is not complete without the sound of the cricket on the radio.

Cricket coverage can be an important part of the Australian summer, no matter where you are — in the car, in the office or even in the barn down on the farm.

Listeners do not have to be passionate about playing the game or even interested in the intricacies of the sport; the cricket commentary provides a soundtrack for summer for all sorts of audiences.

Portia the pig, who lives on a farm near Scone in the New South Wales Hunter Valley first became interested in the game seven years ago when she heard the voices of commentators Jim Maxwell and Kerry O'Keefe on ABC's Grandstand cricket coverage.

She would hear the commentary get underway, emerge from her pen and settle near the radio in the barn for the day.

Portia's owner, teacher and farmer Anne Davies, believes the attraction has something to do with the on-air banter of the commentators.

"I think she also loved the laugh of specialist commentator Kerry O'Keefe," Ms Davies said.

The radio in the barn
In the barn, Portia's radio is tuned to ABC Grandstand's coverage of the cricket.

ABC: Mike Pritchard

Since then Portia has developed a cult-like status and has featured in three children's books, written by Ms Davies, in which she takes part in a series of improbable adventures.

The first book featuring Portia, The Dream Test Match, was released in 2013 and supported the Lord's Taverners Trust.

Portia's second publication was titled The Pink Stumps Day and raised funds for breast cancer support.

Profits from the third book in the series, The Royal Spectacle, have been donated to mental health awareness and support group, Beyond Blue.

A fourth book will be released soon to coincide with Portia's 10th birthday, and will continue a tradition of raising funds for a series of charities.

This heady world of literary fame is a far cry from her early days as a feral piglet when she was rescued by a visiting American cowboy who was riding his horse in the high country around Scone.

Could this be hog heaven?
Portia the cricket-loving pig relaxes in her barn, waiting for the Grandstand commentary to begin.

ABC: Mike Pritchard