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Indonesian designers featured at the Melbourne Fashion Festival

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This year the 2017 Melbourne Fashion Festival has showcased designers from Indonesia, including one who has incorporated the use of Australian wool in their collection.

Indonesian label I Know You Know (I.K.Y.K) won the AIC Young Indonesian Designer of the Year Award in 2016.

Winning $10,000 prize money, the label now has the opportunity to expand their business plan into the Australian market, which included the opportunity to showcase their new collection at the 2017 Melbourne Fashion Festival.

I.K.Y.K is the third Indonesian fashion label to have shown collections at the festival since the Australia and Indonesia runway exchange program started.

Similarly, the Australian young designer Khim Hang from HAN, showcased his latest collection at the Jakarta Fashion Week last year.

I.K.Y.K doesn't feature Indonesian traditional element, like batik pattern on their collection.

ABC, Erwin Renaldi

Laura Anderson, Chairman of the Melbourne Fashion Festival, helped initiated the program.

"It's been a beautiful journey, started with just friends and celebrating some wonderful designers," Laura says.

"How important... fashion is a global industry, Melbourne is a global city, we're in the Asia Pacific region and I think that everything we do is really about creativity, collaboration, and commerce."

- Laura Anderson, Melbourne Fashion Festival

"We need to build sustainable ecosystems that we can't do on our own, and celebrating the amazing energy and innovation that come into reality, transgress boundaries of industries and countries."

Anandia Putri, Indonesian designer behind the I.K.Y.K label, says the fashion markets in Asia and Australia are completely different.

"Asians are more into details... but Australians are not so much about details. It's more sophisticated, effortless, and relaxed, but they wear really good fabrics," says Anandia.

Two Indonesian designers showcased at the 2017 Melbourne Fashion Festival
Two Indonesian designers showcased at the 2017 Melbourne Fashion Festival.

ABC, Erwin Renaldi

Inspired by the earthy elements, I.K.Y.K showcased their fall and winter collection 'BUMI', which is the Indonesian word for earth.

"I surely hope the [Australian] market will be excited to welcome our creations, which we believe is locally adaptable to the Australians, especially in the winter collections," says Anandia.

Australian wool has been used in this collection, with a colour palette dominated by earthy and natural tones.

The label's signature cut and design of oversized silhouettes, is inspired by more modest wear, showing off less skin than most labels.

Another Indonesian designer who showcased their new collection is Peggy Hartanto. Peggy introduced her collection 'Pierrot', consisting of mainly strapless and sleeveless gowns.

Laura Anderson says the festival has been honoured to feature the works and creativity of the international designers.

"We can take it now as to a whole new level... not just bilateral, multilateral way in our region, but globally," says Laura.

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