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Sunnybank Food Trail offers a passport to travelling the world in one suburb

Food guide standing in front of peaking duck in a window.
Popular chef Tony Ching takes people through the markets and food on offer.

Supplied: Experience Sunnybank

Yum cha, beef noodles, gyoza and simmering bowls of pho are tempting tastebuds in southern Brisbane, where residents can travel the globe in one suburb.

Through the Sunnybank Food Trail and tours, locals learn more about their backyard through the array of food on offer.

The popular suburb, known as a melting pot of nationalities, is home to many Asian families eager to share their culture.

"This is our sixth food trail and people enjoy travelling around the world in their backyard," tour organiser Lisa Smith said.

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"Both the food tours and our annual $2 food trail give people from further afield and locals alike the chance to learn more about the thriving community."

The tours began when experienced chef Tony Ching took people to yum cha and afterwards showed them how to shop in local markets and Asian grocers.

The $2 food trail, which runs each season, gives residents the chance to explore more than 124 dishes around the suburb.

Sharing culture through food

Restaurateur David Siomin brings his family's Chinese food flavours to the trail showing a different side of Chinese cuisine.

"My family comes from the border of China and Russia, so we have very strong flavours different to normal Chinese food with heavier flavours," he said.

"Sometimes we dull some of the flavours down to get people trying the dishes before we build to the full taste."

People standing in Asian grocers in Sunnybank.
People learn how to buy food from local Asian grocers.

Supplied: Experience Sunnybank

He said food had been a perfect way to bring the community together.

"Sunnybank is very multicultural and there are different cuisines here and we love talking over food," Mr Siomin said.

"Everyone loves eating and it's a comfort for people."

During the tours and trails people learn how to buy ingredients from the local area to make Asian dishes at home.

"People are enjoying trying new things now and many people will ask questions about the style of food and try it for themselves," Mr Siomin said.

"This enables us to share our hints and tips with the community."

The $2 Sunnybank Food Trail runs on Saturday from 2:00pm to 8:00pm, while the Experience Sunnybank food tours run throughout the year.