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Brisbane accountant launches citywide search for best meat pie

Brisbane Steve Humphreys bites into a meat pie
Steve Humphreys is endeavouring to try at least one new pie from Brisbane every week.

ABC News: Patrick Williams

January is the time of year people usually make New Year's resolutions to swear off foods rich in calories.

Brisbane man Steve Humphreys is doing the opposite - he is devoting his year to seeking out the city's best meat pie.

The forensic accountant has vowed to eat up to two each week to work his way through to the top.

He has already begun blogging his quest, the same way he did throughout 2015 when he searched for the city's best chicken parmigiana.

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"It was 50 parmas in 50 weeks and it was great," Mr Humphreys said.

"I started with my mates and people I worked with following me online ... by the end people were recognising me, and I was stopped in the street and asked 'where's the next parma?'

There is a strict list of criteria for each pie Mr Humphreys' tries - taste, quality of mince and gravy, quality of pastry, the size, temperature, and price will all be considered and critiqued.

They have to be plain mince pies, come from within Brisbane's city limits, and must be eaten without sauce.

Gourmet meat pie
Close-up generic shot of a gourmet meat pie cut open to show the inside.

Mark Mordecai:

"That's why every time I review a pie I'll have 'these are the things I'm looking at' because that's a way you can take a bit of emotion out of it."

Mr Humphreys has already had his first of many pies for 2017.

"I went with my local bakery, it was an easy start," he said.

Mr Humphreys said his pie search would be run differently from his parmigiana effort.

"There are a lot more than 50 bakeries in Brisbane, and equally I'm not going to be able to get to two or three a week," he said.

"I love a pie, but having a pie four to five times a week is not great for the diet.

"It'll be more of a rolling thing. I'll be aiming for one to two a week. I think every three months I'll name the current best, the current top five.

"I don't think I'll get to the end of the year and say 'I'm done' ... I think this will be a long-term thing that'll go beyond 2017."

Steve Humphries has eaten a parma every week for a year to discover the perfect recipe.
Mr Humphreys ate a parma every week for a year to discover the perfect recipe in 2015.

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