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Learn English: Vegetable idioms

Vegetable idioms
Let's learn about vegetable idioms.

Unsplash: Caroline Attwood

What does it mean to be a 'couch potato' or 'full of beans'? Let's learn about vegetable idioms!

To be 'full of beans' means to be lively and to have a lot of energy.


Unsplash: Sonja Langford

To 'spill the beans' means to talk about a secret before you are supposed to reveal it.


Unsplash: Harshal Hirve

To be 'as cool as a cucumber' means to be calm and composed under pressure.

Peas in a pod
Peas in a pod.

Unsplash: Rachael Gorjestani

If two people are 'like two peas in a pod', it means that they are very similar and they get along really well.


Flickr CC: Dierken

A 'pickle' is a vegetable that is preserved in vinegar or salt water. To be 'in a pickle' means to be in a challenging or difficult situation.



A 'couch potato' is someone who spends a lot of time in front of a television and doesn't do much exercise.

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