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Learn English: Talking about Easter in Australia

Easter in Australia
Let's learn about words related to Easter in Australia.

Pixabay CC: jill111

This year in Australia, the Easter long weekend is from Friday April 14 to Monday April 17. Read on to learn about the 'long weekend' and what you'll find in Australia during Easter.

A 'long weekend' occurs when a public holiday falls on a Friday or a Monday. The weekend is usually just Saturday and Sunday, so a public holiday on Friday or Monday means that the weekend is longer than usual.

"What are your plans over the long weekend?"

The 'Easter long weekend' is made up of Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are important days in the Christian calendar, and many Christians attend church during this period.

"Are you free to have lunch on Easter Monday?"

There are also a number of food options that are commonly seen in Australia in the lead-up to, and during, Easter. These are thought of as symbols of Easter and they include Easter eggs, Easter rabbits and hot cross buns.

Easter eggs
Easter eggs made in Sydney, Australia.

ABC: Lisa Clarke

Easter eggs are chocolates in the shape of an egg. They are a symbol of rebirth and life, and they come in a variety of sizes.

An Easter egg hunt involves hiding Easter eggs around a place and asking people to find them.

"The school children had an Easter egg hunt on Thursday afternoon."

Chocolate rabbits
Chocolate rabbits.

Flickr CC: Matt Karp

Easter rabbits, or chocolate bunnies, are chocolates in the shape of a rabbit.

"I gave Easter rabbits to each of my colleagues."

Hot cross buns
Hot cross buns.

Flickr CC: eljay

Traditionally, hot cross buns are a type of sweet bun made of spices and raisins, marked with a cross. They can also have chocolate or other dried fruits in them as well.

"Could I please buy a dozen hot cross buns?"

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