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Who would you invite to your Aussie BBQ?

Sausages cooking on a BBQ in the summer.


Barbeques, or BBQs, are a quintessential Australian activity - particularly during the summer months. It might be a cliche, but many people revel in 'throwing a snag on the barbie'.

Throughout 2016, Australia Plus asked the people we profiled to imagine that if they had the chance to host a barbeque — anywhere in Australia — what three Australian guests (dead or alive) would they invite and what would be on the menu?

Anupam Sharma and Brett Lee
Anupam Sharma and Brett Lee on the set of unINDIAN

Supplied: Kate Ryan

Anupam Sharma is an Australian of Indian heritage who directs and produces films - including unINDIAN, which starred former Australian test cricketer Brett Lee.

Gronya Somerville
Gronya Somerville at the 2016 Australian Badminton Open.

Supplied: Jeremy Tan

Gronya Somerville is an Australian badminton player and the great-great-granddaughter of influential Chinese revolutionary, Kang Youwei. 

Kevin WY Lee
Kevin WY Lee.


Kevin WY Lee is a photographer, curator and founder of Invisible Photographer Asia, an online platform for photography and the arts in Asia. He studied design in Sydney.

Manika Kaur
Manika Kaur.

Supplied: Manika Music

Manika Kaur is an Australian-born Sikh kirtan singer, based in Dubai, who donates all the proceeds from her album sales and concert tickets to charity.

Dr Nadirsyah Hosen
Dr Nadirsyah Hosen.


Nadirsyah Hosen is an Indonesian-born legal academic in Monash University's Faculty of Law.

Eveline in her home kitchen
Eveline in her home kitchen.

Dous Dolce: Priscilla Barbosa

Eveline is a Sydney-based macaron artist, cake decorator and baker who picked up her lifelong hobby of baking when she moved to Australia.

Adam and Susan at the Jenolan Caves in Australia
Adam and Susan at the Jenolan Caves in Australia.

Supplied: Pergidulu

Adam Poskitt and Susan Natalia were born in Australia and Indonesia, respectively. The couple are a pair of travel bloggers and writers, who quit their jobs to travel full-time.




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