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Streets of Port Adelaide splashed with colour for Wonderwalls Festival

Inti and Natalia Rak begin work on a Wonderwall.
Inti and Natalia Rak begin work on one of the "wonderwalls".


Mural artists from as far afield as Chile and the Netherlands are converging on Port Adelaide to once again brighten up local spaces as part of the Wonderwalls Festival.

Inti and Natalia Rak begin work on Inti's mural.
Inti begins work on his mural while Natalie Rak lends a hand.

ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson

Curator Joel Van Moore, who paints under the moniker Vans the Omega, told ABC Radio Adelaide this year's festival was the culmination of 17 years' hard work participating in similar festivals around the world.

The festival was first held in the Port Adelaide area in 2015.

This year, six international and 23 Australian artists will create works over the weekend.

Local artist Shane Cook spray paints a line on his piece.
Port Adelaide artist Shane Cook adds colour to the Local Jam at Hart's Mill.

ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson

Van Moore said approximately 3,000 square metres of wall space would be painted.

"We have 22 new large-scale walls and we will be repainting a bunch that were painted last time," he said.

Adelaide artist Zedr makes their mark in St Vincent Street.
Zedr's mark will be made in St Vincent Street.

ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson

"Some of the artists have picked up on the maritime theme, but everyone has tried to be considerate of Port Adelaide and the space.

"[The artists] will work with the property and building owners to make artworks that are just going to be breathtaking to a public audience."

Details of the mural locations and festival activities can be found on the Wonderwalls Festival website.

The outline of a woman taking shape a wall on McLaren Parade.
Natalia Rak mural begins to take shape on McLaren Parade.

ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson

ABC Radio Adelaide

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