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Brotherly bond makes music sweeter

Two men playing classical guitar.
The Grigoryan Brothers have just completed a regional tour of New South Wales.

ABC: The Mix

The Grigoryan Brothers are considered by many to be Australia's finest guitar duo.

Born to two professional violinists in Soviet Kazakhstan, they picked up guitars pretty much as soon as they were strong enough to lift them, and play together now so intuitively they're almost an extension of each other.

They believe being brothers does make a difference to how they play together.

"It's growing up in the same house," says Slava Grigoryan. "Music is a language just like speaking to each other."

"You know how to anticipate what the person is thinking and what they're about to say, and it's exactly the same thing when we're playing."

But that doesn't mean there isn't space for a bit of mischief.

"We try to throw each other off a little bit but you know at the same time we know that… the other guy's going to be there hopefully," says Leonard Grigoryan.

"The better he plays, the better I sound," laughs Slava.

The Grigoryan Brothers have just completed a regional tour of New South Wales, and stopped off at the ABC to talk to The Mix's James Valentine about classical guitar and good, healthy brotherly competition.

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