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Australian snowfields rejoice after 'Blizzard of Oz' turns slopes into winter wonderland

A woman throws snow in Thredbo
More than 1.15 metres of snow has been dumped at Thredbo.

Instagram: @_carlyt

It's been dubbed "the Blizzard of Oz", and powder hounds could not be happier.

Australia's ski resorts in the Snowy Mountains, in New South Wales, and Victoria's Alpine National Park were covered with the white stuff this morning after both reported the best falls of the season at the weekend.

More than 1.15 metres of snow has been dumped at Thredbo from Friday morning to 6:00am today.

A man plays with snow at Thredbo
There was plenty of powder to play with at Thredbo on Sunday.

Facebook: Thredbo Resort

"It's the best conditions of the season without a shadow of a doubt," resort spokesperson Susie Diver said.

"The accommodation was absolutely chock-a-block. It's absolutely stunning, so beautiful.

The conditions made for spectacular photos, with holidaymakers snapping conditions more akin to Europe and Canada.

Snow on a balcony.
Mt Hotham, in Victoria's Alpine National Park, looked more like Europe at the weekend.

Instagram: @sarahwhite2017

Victoria's alpine areas were hit with blizzard conditions, with skiers being warned to prepare for winds of up to 80 kilometres per hour.

Sunday's extreme weather forced the closure of the Great Alpine Road to Mount Hotham, forcing long detours for travellers to the snowfields.

Three busses were stuck on the Great Alpine Road, but all passengers were evacuated safely.

At Mt Hotham, the falls were dubbed "The Blizzard of Oz", with about 80cm falling in the past 24 hours.

"There's more coming today and overnight," Larissa Kuzeff from the resort's management board said.

Snow heaped on outdoor furniture.
The snow at Falls Creek.

Instagram: @fallscreek

"There's amazing powder. I'm a bit sad that I'm not out there today. It's fantastic conditions.

"It's been the best skiing since 2004 up here at Hotham."

A man on skies.
Jason Sauer was among those enjoying the snow at Mt Hotham.

ABC News: Rachael Lucas

Sit skier Jason Sauer was at Mount Hotham this morning.

"It's some of the best conditions for the decade, I'd reckon," he said.

"Fourty centimetres plus of white magic all over the place."