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Vivid Dreams: Young entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas

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Follow the journey of 130 young Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs as they fight it out to pitch their business ideas and fix some of the biggest global problems as part of the China Australia Millennial Project.

When you think of innovation you might think of a new app, a phone, a watch, perhaps even virtual reality or self driving cars. But all of these innovations start from ideas - from teams of people who want to design products that can change the way we think about the future.

But how do you get started on projects that can solve global issues, how do you find a team of people who want to collaborate across international borders, and how do you work across multiple languages to satisfy the requirements of different markets and cultures?

One innovative solution to this problem is the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) which brings together 130 young Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs to solve some of the biggest global issues. 

The delegates were split into 13 think tanks each tackling a different problem such as the future of education, banking, tourism, infrastructure, and even energy. 

Vivid Dreams follows the journey of the CAMP delegates as they meet in person for the first time and compete for the chance to pitch their ideas to investors at an international event in Beijing.

Watch the video above to see the full Vivid Dreams documentary. 

Australia Plus’ coverage of CAMP is facilitated by a partnership between CAMP and ABC International.